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story driven videos about people, communities and the value of design.


Director Jeff Durkin combines 10 years of experience working in the film/TV industry with 10 years of experience working in the Architecture industry to create videos that intersect cinema and design.

We are a crew of Architects turned filmmakers that bring an emotional & human element to Architecture and Development films by telling a story about how design can transform a community.

And Yes….. we started out driving an old Wonder-bread truck filled with film equipment around California. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture, writer/director Jeff Durkin worked in the Hollywood film and TV industry for USA network, SYFY channel and Digital Domain learning the craft of cinematography and script writing. From there, Jeff re-entered the field of Architecture working at Graham Downes Architecture as a Designer and photographer. After 10 years of working in the Architecture industry and 10 years working in the film industry, Jeff started Breadtruck Films as a vehicle to blend together documentaries and design to create a new way to look at Architecture and it’s impact. Since then we’ve produced over 300 films on Architecture, Art, Design and Development that have appeared on Dwell, Arch daily, Arch Record, Residential Architect, SXSW, Architecture + Design Film Festival, and the Tribecca Film Festival.

videos that speak the language of architecture.


    First things first. We learn about your project, your firm, and the big ideas behind the design. We talk about who we should interview and what we should capture. Then we establish the audience and how to connect with them. (website, social, blogs, etc…)


    From there, we write a script to tell the story behind the project, with a beginning, middle and end. We define the main talking points, the voices and the imagery needed. We find the “why” behind the design to show how the design can impact the community. Then we make a shot-list, plan the schedule, and establish the editing timeline.


    The fun part! Usually a 1-4 day shoot with a crew of 2-4 people. We travel the day before and scout the locations and lighting. Then we film the interviews and the project…we get drone shots, time-lapses, B-roll of the neighborhood and shoot still photos if needed. We always capture dusk light and make sure to get everything we need for editing.

  • EDIT

    By following our script we know what to expect with the editing. We use music to create emotion and we use color to create the mood. This is where we establish the “feel” of the film through the placement of the sound-bytes and images. We produce a rough cut in 2-4 weeks for client review and feedback. Then we make changes, and create a 1min square instagram version (thatʼs standard on every project. )


    A great video is only great when the right people see it. We use our contacts in the Architecture/Development community to help get the video to the right people. Our videos are commonly used in meetings and lectures, posted on websites, formatted for awards submittals and shared on Arch Daily, Architecture Record, Dwell and screened at the film festivals world wide.


beautiful stories about architecture’s big ideas that position you as a thought leader