Astrophotography and the desert library

In January we had the pleasure of creating a 4 min video and photos on the story behind the Borrego Springs Library by RNT Architects. Borrego Springs is a dark sky community so the stars and milky way are visible at night and we just had to get into some astrophotography.. It was cool learning how to create 2 exposures- 1 for the building light up at 1/4 of  second and one for the sky at 8 seconds. Then we stacked them together in Photoshop. But we didn’t stop there, we did 5 time-lapses of the milky way moving in the night sky. We got some really unique images that expressed the essence of the location, but at the core of our film was the “human” aspect behind the design. We interviewed the community and told the story about how the library gave Borrego Springs it’s identity and transformed a small desert town of 10K. It was a real honor to find the connections that the building created and that became the thesis for the film. Watch “connections” below and enjoy!