Narrative Persuasion

We recently won the Sliver award from the National Real Estate Marketing association for our work with Ruby falls development & HKS architects for a video we produced on a new mixed use project on Cannery Row in Monterey. What makes Breadtruck films stand out is our ability to tell a compelling story to help the audience see how the benefits outweigh the problems in new large scale development.  It’s called Narrative Persuasion…. It’s definition- when people lose themselves in a story, their attitudes and intentions change to reflect that story. This was needed to help convince the conservative Monterey planning board that the 80 year old abandoned site on Cannery row needed a new project to bring it back to life. With design approved 15 years ago, the EIR was about to expire and put the project in Jeopordy, so we were brought in to make a video that could help obtain and extension. Our plan was to first establish that the iconic fishing cannery was gone, and all that was left was an ugly run down dirt lot.  Then we filmed the process of the Architect laying out the site to show  how it would bring people back with a history museum, public square and connection to the water. From there we brought in a local historian to talk about how important the site was and how it was’nt connecting to the community in i’s current condition. And finally we interviewed the Landscape Architect – Rana Creek to discuss their vision to add a park and bringing plants and people back to the site.  For the visuals we created a site diagram showing how the project connects to Cannery Row, animations showing the transformation from abandoned site to thriving plaza, and timelapses to show the energy of all the people walking by this empty site…..For editing we maximized the natural beauty of the location with sounds and B-roll of the ocean, sky and people. In the end we received full approval for an extension and a shiny new marketing award… Thanks team… HKS architects, Urban Housing Partners, Drone and animation by Altitude Cam.