The Polk / Jonathan Segal

2 years in the making… Architect + Developer Jonathan Segal’s new 52 unit multi-family project the Polk. This beautiful concrete and glass cube has canyons “carved” out to allow natural light to reach all of the units. We have been making mini-documentaries for Jonathan for 10 years now, and with all his projects we film them from design to completion. We started in fall 2016 with a blank site that was being graded and filmed at 3 month intervals to capture the concrete pours, interior build out and the placement of a 100K metal beam the completed the cube form. In the end it was a lucky rainy night that gave us the perfect atmosphere to frame this modern concrete form. At the end of the project we do the interview which gives us the storyline that we align images and music to. After we laid out all of the soundbytes the final piece to film was his new Rolls Royce that inspired the front elevation. After 2 years and hours of raw footage we had a film that not only explained the design, but also expressed the emotional gravity of this piece of Architecture.