From Tobacco to tech

Situated in the residential neighborhood in East Durham- Architects, Artist’s and Developers work with the community to transform an 100 year old abandoned Golden Belt Company tobacco factory into an creative campus for the 21st century. Alliance Architecture tasked us with documenting the 3 year transformation of an Tobacco textile factory into a modern place for the community and creatives. This first video was filmed in 2017 when the project began, and it was such a success that the Developer and Architect approved 2 more videos to finish filming the entire process. One of the main points of the video was to show how the project blended into blue collar African American neighborhood that was surrounding it. The Project also had strong roots in the arts community and they wanted to make sure those creatives where a fundamental part of the new project. Our answer was to line up interviews with a broad range of people from local community leaders, artists, jazz Musicians along with the Architect and Developer. We also filmed a wide variety of imagery to convey the diversity of the site and neighborhood of East Durham. In the end we had a multi-layered story of history, art, design, and community. This is the first of 3 videos. We partnered with Altitude Cam for Aerial video and animations to create dynamic shots to help tell the story.