In-house video vs. Professional video

With over 10 years of experience making Architectural videos, we’ve lead the way in how Architects and Developers communicate their work. We’ve learned that their are 2 types of video that tell the story of your practice and projects.

1 Everyday video – This is usually done by a camera-savy employee within the firm who can make social media videos about the process work, site visits, news and give a general look into the day to day of a firm. By making in-house videos it keeps the cost down and you can create content as new events happen. We’ve found that medium sized to large firms do best when they produce about 1 per month. The limitation of these videos is in their impact. Without a story, professional cinematography, audio and interviews the content is not that compelling. You’ll get slight engagement with your casual visitors to social media, but no impact on clients, potential clients or the media. I started out making videos this way when I worked for Graham Downes Architecture over 10 years ago, and learned a lot about how capture the little moments within the design process.

2 Professional video– This is what we’ve done for 10 years. Specifically documentary storytelling. We’ve learned that this type of production is best for your firm profile video, significant projects and Developer + Architect teams who need a story and visuals to get a project off the ground. These have a bigger budget, and their impact is huge. By understanding the audience and telling a story you will have an emotional impact on the viewer- weather it be a new client, developer, city planning group or investor. And that emotional connection opens a doorway to new business and empathy for your project and goals.  A well crafted story will also last for a decade of marketing and is likely to be shared by the Architectural media outlets- Architect, Arch daily, Arch Record, etc…

Architecture is one of the most interesting things to film because the video camera is perfect for capturing 3D space….We like to use a slow moving camera through a beautiful interior space, a time-lapse of people zipping up and down a set of stairs, and powerful drones shots, showing how the building connects to the city… We are also experts at conducting interviews that reveal the deep philosophy behind a concept, the materials, the light and the connection the project has to the city.