Mr. Robinson // Jonathan Segal

The project: We followed the design and construction of Jonathan’s new 38 unit multi-family housing for 14 months.

The Process: We wanted to congratulate Jonathan Segal and his team for the Gold Nugget award for best multi-family housing project with the Mr. Robinson project. This was our 8th video project with Jonny and his team, so we were very familiar with his style and how to show his process. It’s very rare to see such a big project done by and Architect/Developer so we decided to start the film explaining  how he has simplified the construction process by combining all the jobs into one. We decided to do a voice over style interview instead of the typical “talking head” to keep the images pure and poetic. We planned ahead for Jonny to bring his sketch book and cigar, so we could capture the essence of his process and personality. We shot time-lapses, drone shots and construction coverage all in 4K video with tilt-shift lenses to get that clean Architectural framing. In editing I decided to keep the tone more introspective with subtle music, sound design and clean small typography.

The results:  With a budget of 12K we made 3 construction teaser videos, 1 instagram video and one spectacular over-all video that got over 13K views in the first week alone. We are currently in post-production on his new project “The Polk” and will have a new video in the fall.