Brooks + Scarpa firm profile

The brief: LA based architecture film Brooks+Scarpa tasked us with creating a mini-documentary on their process and projects for a 2018 traveling show curated by the Center for Architecture.

The story: I was a former student of Larry’s at UC Berkeley, and we got to reconnect at a lecture in San Diego through our mutual friend Jonathan Segal. After and initial visit to their office and chat about their philosophy, it emerged that the notion of Memory was a thread that tied together the wide variety of projects they work on. The memory of a place… the form that makes it a icon and sticks in your mind… we discovered that we remember more with our emotions than our mind. With that as a jumping off point we found 4 very different projects that showed the firms versatility  to create a memroble impact.  We choose an Art museum in Raleigh, a train station in Seattle, a retail shop in DTLA and a net-zero house in Venice Beach.  Mixed together with footage of the team working, site visits, models and drawings we were able to show all the layers of the firm in a tight 4min timeframe.

The budget: The project budget was 15K and took 3 months to complete. In the end we made 1 overall video and 4 short videos on each project. It is a smashing success and has been featured on Archdaily, Archinet, Dezeen and the Brooks+ Scarpa show is currently on it’s way to the west coast….and we are already talking about our next collaboration…